Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Care for your Skin after a Chemical Peel

How to Care for your Skin after a Chemical Peel

Before you get/do a chemical peel, consider your post-peel care.  After having a chemical peel, you need to properly care for your skin to produce the best outcome: gently cleanse, promote healing, soothe and calm, provide hydration, reduce redness and inflammation, and protect from UV radiation.  See the list of products below that I found after searching forums.

1. Immediately following your chemical peel, do the following to properly care for your skin:

  • rinse with copious amounts of cool water and blot dry (do not rub)
  • apply a light moisturizer (see those listed below, depending upon skin type)
  • apply a sunscreen SPF 30 minimum (see below for my new favorite physical sunscreen); chemical sunscreens may sting and irritate the skin right now
2. You won't need to cleanse your face after the chemical peel, but you may want to the next day.  Make sure you use a gentle cleanser or oil (see below) and always blot, rather than wipe, dry.

3. You may apply makeup, depending upon the strength of the peel.  I've been able to use concealer and makeup without problems so far.

4. Plan to reapply moisturizer throughout the day.  This will HELP keep that weird leathery look at bay, and once you start peeling, it will help mask the peeling.

5. When you remove your makeup or sunscreen at the end of the day, make sure you use a baby wipe or something smooth instead of a rough washcloth.  I've found baby wipes to be the best, but I like to rinse them before I use them, so I know exactly what I'm putting on my face.

6. Put a thick coat of light serum on before bed.  You don't want your face to crack during the night before the new skin is fully formed.  I like light moisturizer after a peel because my skin seems to get clogged easily after a peel if I constantly use a heavy moisturizer.  If I use a thick coat of Hyaluronic acid serum, I get no clogged pore, and my skin stays hydrated.

7. Avoid any irritating products at this time!  You don't want to use any peeling agents, and it's hard for me to understand all the ingredients, so I just stay away from them for 7-10 days after a peel.

8. When the skin starts peeling, do not pull on the skin.  I've found this to be very challenging, to say the least.  It's easier for me if I keep my skin very hydrated because I can't see the skin peeling, which helps me resist.

You should start peeling within about 2-4 days.  Hello new, beautiful skin.  Don't forget your sunscreen!

After searching some chemical peel forums, these seem to be the most popular post-peel products.

I've been using the following products from the list below, and I like them: I'm Fabulous Hyaluronic Acid serum, I'm Fabulous Organic Repair Serum, and I'm Fabulous sunscreen. 

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